Home Energy Savings Program

HES Collage

Hands On Nashville's Home Energy Savings (HES) Program engages volunteers in improving the energy efficiency, comfort, and safety of Nashville homes owned and occupied by Nashvillians living on a very-low-income. 

Thank you for making my home a warm place. I can feel a tremendous difference this winter. What a blessing you are to people struggling to get home improvements done.

— Ms. Carter (homeowner & HES Participant)

With a focus on educating homeowners and volunteers alike about why it is important to conserve energy in the home, program participants are empowered to maintain an energy efficient home for years to come. Utility analysis of each home allows us to measure the environmental impact of our work.

How You Can Get Involved

HES projects are available weekly, and are perfect for individuals or groups of 8 to 10. No experience is necessary! Our on-site Project Leaders will provide guidance, materials, and safety equipment. View and sign up for HES projects.

What To Expect at an HES Project

  • Our HES Project Leaders will provide guidance, materials, and safety equipment on site.
  • Please wear comfortable work clothes that can get dirty and closed-toe shoes.
  • Lunch, water, and snacks are provided.
  • At the beginning of each project, an orientation will offer information about energy conservation, the program's benefits, and the day's work.
  • Repairs may include installing insulation, weatherstripping, low-flow showerheads, CFL bulbs, and other upgrades to make homes more efficient.
  • You may even learn a thing or two about making your own home more energy efficient!


  • 200+ homes completed by volunteers
  • 156 flood-impacted homes completed
  • 16% average energy savings
  • $460 average utility savings
  • 2.5 HES homes take the equivalent of 1 car off the road for a year
  • 22% HES average air infiltration reduction
  • 1,220+ volunteers engaged
  • $110,000+ in volunteer economic impact*
  • 4,390+ Compact Florescent Bulbs installed

*According to Independent Sector research. 

video: A glimpse into a home energy savings project