Our Programs

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Hands On Nashville offers a variety of programs that help meet community needs and engage specific groups in volunteerism. HON established each of these programs upon identifying specific needs in the community that could be addressed through volunteerism.

Corporate Partner Program - Hands On Nashville works with corporations of all sizes to meet Middle Tennessee’s pressing needs through strategic volunteerism. We specialize in the management of customized corporate volunteer projects that address your business’ philanthropic focuses. To read more, click here.

Home Energy Savings (HES) Program - The HES Program was started in 2011 to help improve the energy efficiency, comfort, and safety of low-income homes in the Nashville Urban Core. Volunteers help implement improvements in homes under the guidance of HON’s Home Energy Savings Program Manager. To read more, click here.

Urban Agriculture Program - HON's Urban Agriculture Program was launched in 2011 to help increase access to healthy food in Nashville’s low-income communities. The Hands On Nashville Urban Farm empowers volunteers to gain gardening skills, learn about healthy eating choices, and help address the city’s food access issues. To read more, click here.

Waterway Cleanup and Restoration Program is a collaborative effort among many local waterway groups to improve the conditions of Davidson County creeks, streams, and rivers. The program focuses on assessing, cleaning up, and restoring Davidson County waterways to pre-flood conditions or better. Both groups and individuals join in cleanup opportunities throughout the year. To read more, click here.

Emergency Response - Through a partnership with the Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management, HON manages Metro-Nashville’s trained and general volunteers in major emergency/disaster situations and relief efforts. To read more, click here.