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NEW LIABILITY RELEASE FORM PROCESS: Youth volunteers now only need to fill out HON's Volunteer Liability Release Form ONE TIME! Even if you have submitted a paper form in the past, you will need to complete this electronic version once (and then you'll never need to do it again!). Please note that a parent must be present to provide an e-signature.
> Click here to complete the new Liability Release Form. 

Youth Volunteer Process:

It’s important to remember that the people who need help are people too, just with different circumstances. Service is about kindness and love, and everyone needs that.

—Melissa, youth volunteer

  • For ages 13-18: To sign up for projects, follow these steps:
    • First create a account. (Click here to create an account.) 
    • Once you have an account, please complete the online Volunteer Liability Release Form. This form only needs to be completed one time. Once submitted, Hands On Nashville will keep the form on line for future project participation.
    • What's next? Find a project you're interested in, and sign up!
    • NOTE: Be sure to check the age requirements on the project description, as they may vary based on opportunity.

    For ages 11-12: Because the online privacy of children is important to us, accounts are restricted to individuals 13 and older. If your child is under 13 and would like to volunteer, please follow these steps: 

    • Create a account with your information (the guardian's information - name, email, age, etc.)
    • On behalf of your child, complete the online Volunteer Liability Release Form. This form only needs to be completed once and will be kept on file for your child's future participation.
    • Work with your teen to find a project with the appropriate age requirements that match your child's availability and interests. Sign up for the project.
    • Within a few days, you will receive an email confirmation with the project details and location.


    Search Teen & Youth Volunteer Opportunities

  • View volunteer projects open to both youth and adults by using the "Age of Volunteer" filter, found under the "Basic Search and Search Options" box just above the Opportunity Calendar. (Click on the + in the far-right corner to expand the box.) The image below shows you what to look for.


    If you are a parent or guardian interested in volunteering with your child, please visit our Families page

    School Credit

    To get school credit for volunteering:

    • Register for volunteer opportunities through our Opportunity Calendar so that we can track your hours.
    • Be sure to sign in with the Volunteer Leader when you get to your project.
    • If your school requires you to complete a school volunteering form, bring it with you to each project you attend. The Volunteer Leader overseeing your project will sign it.


    If you have questions about youth volunteer opportunities with Hands On Nashville, please contact