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Ashley Leon

First 3! Coordinator at The Family Center

Studied at Florida State University

Q: What drew you to serve with AmeriCorps?
A: I wanted to serve with AmeriCorps to improve the lives of others and offer my time to help disadvantaged communities. I was interested in an organization that would allow me to give back to the community while partaking in leadership development, which is what drew me to AmeriCorps.

Q: What are you most excited to do in your new service position?
A:  I am most excited to collaborate with the Family Center staff to improve the health and wellbeing of young children and expand parents’ early childhood knowledge through the First 3! Parent Seminar.

Q: What is a silly/random fact about you?
A: I am a major foodie; I love trying different food options.

Q: How do you spend your time when you’re not serving or volunteering?
A: I spend my time watching movies, painting, and dancing when I’m not serving or volunteering.

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