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General Flood Recovery Volunteers

Thank you for your willingness to help with flood recovery & rebuilding projects. If you are an experienced contractor/builder with professional-level skills, please click here. If you are part of a group of volunteers, please fill out the form below. Thank you! 

Contact Information
Información de contacto

Organization/Company/Church Name


What kinds of projects can you/your group help with? Please check all that apply.


How much time can you give to recovery projects? We know that availabilty changes all the time, but having a general sense of your availability will help us with matching volunteers with projects.

¿Cuánto tiempo puede dar a los proyectos de recuperación? Sabemos que la disponibilidad cambia todo el tiempo, pero tener un sentido general de su disponibilidad nos ayudará a emparejar a los voluntarios con los proyectos.

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