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Court-ordered Community Service

Hands On Nashville serves as a resource for volunteers needing to complete court-ordered service – helping to connect individuals with meaningful opportunities that contribute to the community.



Hands On Nashville makes it easy to complete court-ordered community service.  

To sign up for a court-ordered volunteer opportunity:  

  1. Create a volunteer account (here) using an email you check regularly. If you already have an account, skip to step 2.  

  1. Search for the right opportunity by using our filtered search option.  

  • On the search page, please use our filter option and click on “appropriate for” and then select “court-ordered volunteers.” 
  • After you filter the results, a list of opportunities that are appropriate for court-ordered service will show up.  
  1. Click on the opportunity that’s best for you, read the description, and click the “sign-up” or “express interest” button. 

  1. You will receive a confirmation email from the opportunity coordinator with instructions for where to go and when. If for any reason you are unable to attend, you need to remove yourself from the sign-up list (here). 

  1. It’s always a good idea to respond to their email to let them know that you will need your hours verified for court-ordered service, as HON’s partner organizations may accept or reject court-ordered volunteers. HON does not approve hours unless it is a HON project. If you forget verification or lose your paperwork, HON will help you try to track down verification after the fact, but we can only verify hours our partner approves. Type of offense or volunteer age may prevent acceptance. Most organizations will only provide service hours for minor offenses.  

If you are unable to find an opportunity on our calendar, you can reach out to one of the organizations below to see if they can offer you a chance to serve. Please remember that it can take time to get connected and complete court-ordered hours. Our partners do NOT accept walk-in volunteers. Start early to stay ahead of deadlines.  



Review the list below for partner organizations that accept court-ordered volunteers. These organizations address a wide variety of causes, so we encourage you to find one that is important to you.



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