Organization Profile

Vanderbilt School of Nursing

We have a four-fold mission in the areas of Academics, Faculty Practice, Research, and Informatics: Academics To educate lifelong learners who have knowledge and skills relevant to rapidly changing environments by offering dynamic curricula built upon a foundation of multi-disciplinary research and scholarly practice that are relevant, futuristic and responsive to health care trends. Faculty Practice To establish innovative scholarly advanced practice models that define and respond to health care trends, by continuing to establish inter- and multi-disciplinary practice partnerships both internal and external that are replicable in a variety of health settings to benefit individuals and impact society. Research To improve the health of individuals, families and communities as well as the consumer centeredness and productivity of health care delivery through the discovery and dissemination of knowledge and generalizable interventions. Informatics To promote a culture of excellence and innovation in informatics solutions designed to work more efficiently with measurable results that contribute to our other missions and are disseminated to society.

Adult Education
nashville, TN, 37240