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Guardianship and Trusts Corporation of Tennessee

Guardianship & Trusts Corporation (GTC) in a non-profit chartered trust company providing personal and fiduciary services to persons of all ages with mental and physical disabilities. On finding a person unable to make informed and rational decisions about financial, medical and/or other matters, the court names GTC to serve as guardian over that person, conservator of the person's estate, or both. The person may be facing declining physical and mental health in addition to limitations such as poor living conditions, dwindling finances and social isolation. Often the person has been brought to court by Adult Protective Services as a victim of abuse, neglect or exploitation requiring the protection of a conservatorship. GTC empowers these individuals to live in the least restrictive environment possible by providing financial management and certain other personal services as authorized by the courts and fiduciary documents. GTC professionals are qualified as Registered Guardians with the Center for Guardianship Certification, and are overseen by a clinical social worker. The governing board comprises physicians, nurses, social workers, attorneys, trust officers, brokers and bankers, allowing for cost efficient services of superior quality.

People with Disabilities
Nashville, TN, 37205