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Skilled and Long-term Volunteers

If you're interested in becoming a repeat volunteer, or tapping into your life experience and career expertise to benefit a certain cause, we've got you covered.

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Hands On Nashville's community partners frequently list longer-term, "individually scheduled" opportunities on our calendar. These opportunities allow you:

  • to volunteer with the same nonprofit on a regular basis;
  • to work with the nonprofit to set your schedule; and
  • often to work directly with the nonprofit's clients.


Note: Long-term opportunities can be found on the search volunteer opportunities page. Designed to offer more flexible scheduling, these opportunities have “Open” listed in the “Time” column (rather than a specific date/time). Click on "express interest" at the bottom of the opportunity detail page, and our community partner will contact you directly with further information about the volunteer opportunity. An email will also be sent to you with contact information for the organization so you can follow up if you do not get a response.