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Weed Wrangle

Dates: 3/2/2019 - 3/2/2019

Weed Wrangle®-Nashville, is an annual one-day citywide volunteer effort to help rescue our public parks and green spaces from invasive species through hands-on removal of especially harmful trees, vines, and flowering plants. These include bush honeysuckle, Chinese privet, autumn olive, English ivy, and winter creeper.

Weed Wrangle®-Nashville volunteers will learn, practice, and begin a habit of maintaining an area free of invasive plants. By engaging our neighbors and challenging them to take action in their own spaces, we hope to create a movement that will have the greatest impact on the invasive plant population in the Nashville area. Volunteer at a site close to your home or close to your heart to make a difference in Nashville’s ecology.

Weed Wrangle®-Nashville is a Partners for Plants joint habitat restoration program of the Garden Club of America’s Conservation and Horticulture Committees. The Garden Club of Nashville, is a member of The Garden Club of America.

Please remember to bring gloves, long pants, and a sturdy pair of shoes on your volunteer day. While some of the sites may provide refreshments, you might want to bring a water bottle as well. You are welcome to bring any handheld tools, such as clippers, shovels, etc., as long as they are not engine powered (no chainsaws). Tools will also be provided at the site. Volunteers can expect to be educated and trained as to the identification and removal of invasive plants.

Thanks for joining Weed Wrangle®-Nashville 2019!

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