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Shower The People

Shower The People’s primary purpose is to show love by providing mobile shower facilities to homeless individuals in the community. We believe that a shower is an essential part of a person’s well-being and self-worth. So many people do not have access to a simple shower, which many of us take for granted. A shower is essential for a person’s well-being. The ability to become physically clean restores dignity and opens the doors of opportunity, by way of jobs and housing. We will provide on-site showers for those without access to permanent facilities, by using a converted school bus that is equipped with both showers and a restroom. Services will be provided on a previously-determined route, and they will be scheduled primarily during the evening hours. In addition, we have plans to fulfill other needs as funds become available, such as providing hygiene products, laundry services, and clothing. Our focus will be on the homeless community of Nashville, TN. However, we may also be available for disaster relief assistance and other outreach efforts.

Housing & Homelessness
People Experiencing Homelessness
Nashville, TN, 37209

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