GeekCause matches Nashville’s most talented techies with community partners in need of their services. From tech consultation to solution implementation, GeekCause provides a low-cost platform for agencies to solve tech-based challenges through the support of skilled volunteers. See below for how to volunteer or how to engage GeekCause services for your nonprofit.

How GeekCause works

How GeekCause works

Got tech skills? Volunteer with GeekCause!

You can donate your expertise to a local nonprofit in your spare time and make a big impact. GeekCause is designed to make it easy for busy techies of all types and skill levels to give back. Once you've signed up by following the link below, we'll reach out when we have projects that match your skills profile. Projects come in all shapes and sizes, so when one strikes your fancy, we'll give you all the details and provide support throughout the process.


Does your agency need tech assistance? GeekCause can help!

We get it. Technological needs can be daunting for a nonprofit.  

That’s where GeekCause comes in. We help nonprofits figure out how their agencies could better utilize tech, and we pair them with skilled volunteers who can troubleshoot problems and implement solutions. These skilled volunteers create capacity that saves time and money for nonprofits. 

Whether you have a complete vision for the help your agency needs, or you’re totally unsure of where to start, GeekCause and our volunteers are here to help. 


GeekCause Project Pricing


Interested but not sure where your agency should start?

If you're interested in learning more about GeekCause projects, reach out to Jason Shelton to discuss options and set up your consultation. Ideas and volunteers are always welcome!


About GeekCause

GeekCause was founded in 2017 by Atiba, a Nashville-based technology consulting firm, as a way for their employees to lend their skills to local nonprofits. With 130 volunteers and eight projects complete, Atiba saw an opportunity to expand the program’s reach through a partnership with Hands On Nashville. Thanks to generous support from The Frist Foundation, GeekCause now has a home at HON, where we hope to continue the good work for great causes in our community.

For more information on all things GeekCause, contact Jason Shelton, HON's Skilled Volunteer Engagement Manager, at 615-298-1108 ext 406.

To keep up to date with what's happening with GeekCause, check out HON's blog!