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Post a Volunteer Opportunity

Interested in recruiting community members to serve at volunteer projects? Hands On Nashville provides two options for posting projects to the volunteer opportunity calendar.

  1. Community Partner Program: HON's fee-based community partner program is designed to serve the needs of organizations with year-round volunteer opportunities, or those needing to track attendance, email volunteers, and use other volunteer management features. Learn more about partner benefits and membership, and contact HON to become a partner.
  2. One-Time Posting: Community organizations with one-time or intermittent volunteer needs may post their projects on for a fee. 


One-Time Posting for Volunteer Projects

Follow the steps below to post intermittent and one-time volunteer needs on the Hands On Nashville website. 

  1. Fill out your volunteer opportunity form based on which type of project it is. Types and links below. 

  1. Submit your agency’s certificate of liability insurance (which covers volunteers) to 

  1. Submit your payment online. Fees range from $25 to $40 depending on your posting needs. 

One-time Volunteer Opportunity: Appropriate for volunteer projects that happen on one day and take around 1 to 3 hours to complete. These projects do not take place on a recurring basis. These projects will appear on Hands On Nashville's Opportunity Calendar. All shifts must be based around the same event and must happen within 90 days. Listings may take up to 72 hours to appear. Email about submitting project details.
Individually Scheduled Volunteer Opportunity: Appropriate for volunteer placements that occur during regular work hours and require an ongoing commitment, training, and/or a background check. These may be used to recruit volunteers who have specific professional skills to offer. These do not appear on the Opportunity Calendar; they do appear in the search results on the "Search Opportunities" webpage. Each project will be listed for 90 days. Listings may take up to 72 hours to appear. Email about submitting project details.



More Information About One-Time Posting

Recruitment process: Volunteers must find your listed opportunities online, and then click the "sign up" button to indicate they are committed to attending.

Assigning an opportunity coordinator: When a volunteer signs up for your project, the person you list as the opportunity coordinator will receive an automated email with the volunteer’s name and email address. The opportunity coordinator will also receive an email if volunteers cancel or become waitlisted.

Editing policy: We all make mistakes. With that in mind, community organizations may email to request edits to their submission. Changes to the project time or location are included in this editing policy.

Cancellation policy: Should you need to cancel a project, email as soon as possible to remove the opportunity from We will leave it to you to notify your volunteers.

Liability policy:

  • The partner organization agrees to accept all liability for volunteer events and activities hosted by the partner. Volunteer injuries, property damage, or any other damages arising from volunteer engagement through the Hands On Nashville website is the sole responsibility of the partner agency, and the partner agency agrees to waive related all liability for Hands On Nashville. 
  • The partner organization must carry at least $1 million in liability insurance. Volunteer accident insurance is inexpensive, and Hands On Nashville recommends that partners also carry this insurance coverage. 
  • The partner organization agrees to provide adequate safety training and proper tools and equipment. The partner must ensure that volunteers have sufficient personal protective equipment, either by providing such or requiring volunteers to bring required equipment. 
  • Hands On Nashville makes no warranties or guarantees that volunteers who express interest in a project fit the partner’s criteria for service. Partners should provide any screening necessary to ensure the safety of other volunteers and program participants.  
  • Hands On Nashville makes no warranties or guarantees that postings on its website will result in volunteer signups. HON will gladly assist you in crafting a compelling service opportunity and provide relevant advice on methods to increase recruitment. 

Hands On Nashville reserves the right to remove projects from its site. If your project is removed, the opportunity coordinator will be notified via email.

In order to post a volunteer project on, your organization must:

  • Be designated by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit or faith-based organization with a profile on; or be a school, government agency, hospital, hospice or senior living facility.
  • Have liability insurance that covers volunteers.
  • Not withhold services based on membership or religious affiliation/participation.
  • Not be a political campaign.

Hands On Nashville does not recruit or refer volunteers to:

  • Work with private individuals independent of an agency.
  • Engage in political campaigns and partisan activities.
  • Handle money or make direct financial asks as part of fundraising activities.
  • Take part in direct religious activity or proselytizing.

When HON receives your form, liability insurance, and payment, the person you list as the primary contact on the "Intent to Post" form will receive an email confirmation with a secure link to post their volunteer needs. Please allow up to three business days upon receipt for processing.


Questions? Check out our help section or contact us.

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