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Tech solutions for any nonprofit's budget 

More than half of small businesses surveyed say unfamiliarity with digital tools is a challenge. Meanwhile, a whopping 89 percent of nonprofits lack confidence in their digital approach. Tech issues can snowball and hold many agencies back from effectively meeting the needs of their clients. That's where Hands On Nashville's GeekCause program comes in. We pair skills-based volunteers with agencies in need of their services for low-cost, high-impact tech solutions. Have a project in mind? You can get started by requesting a GeekCause consultation. Just looking for a starting place to begin critically looking at your agency's tech? Request a Virtual CIO Conversation!


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GeekCause consultation and project pricing

GeekCause projects are priced so that organizations of any budget size can knock out big tech challenges. Members of HON's Community Partner Program get a 40% discount on consultations and projects. Learn more about joining the Community Partner Program here

Type of Service or Project

HON Community Partner Fee

General Nonprofit Fee

Consultation $60 $100
Small (up to 12 hours) $150 $250
Medium (12-36 hours) $270 $450
Large (36+ hours) $390 $650
Virtual CIO consultation $0 Unavailable


What can GeekCause volunteers do?

GeekCause volunteers come armed with skills and knowledge in a wide variety of areas that can help your organization. 

Accounting, business analysis, business process automation, CRM system selection/setup, data collection/analysis, database development, digital marketing, G suite, IT assessment/consulting, IT security/risk mgmt, Mobile app development, network/server administration, project mgmt, quality assurance, salesforce administration, telecommunications, website design


Not sure where to Start? Check out GeekCause Starter Kits!

These six project types are popular because they're necessary no matter what kind of work your organization does. Choose which project sounds like a great fit for your needs and submit a consultation request! The GeekCause team will help you figure out the details and get you paired with a volunteer who can help you tackle the challenge.

Request a GeekCause consultation

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Website audit

A GeekCause volunteer thoroughly reviews your website and makes recommendations for improvement based on your goals, which could be anything from improving the user experience to ensuring your website maximizes organizational impact.   

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Tech assessment

A GeekCause volunteer thoroughly reviews your organization's IT setup and challenges and makes recommendations you can use to develop a technology plan and budget that best serves your current and future needs. 

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IT security assessment

A GeekCause volunteer provides a thorough review of current IT security processes and delivers recommendations the organization can use to develop a Risk Assessment Plan and Data Security Plan. Goals include understanding system risks/weaknesses and how to proactively address them.  

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Social media strategy review 

A GeekCause volunteer provides a thorough review of current social media engagement and provides recommendations the organization can use to develop or evolve its social media strategy. Goals include defining metrics for tracking impact and ways to optimize platform usage. 

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Database/CRM review 

A GeekCause volunteer provides a thorough review of current database setup and needs and delivers recommendations your organization can use to decide the most effective platform for your needs. Goals include defining staffwide functionality requirements and comparing platform options based on need and budget.

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Data analysis and reporting review 

A GeekCause volunteer provides a thorough review of current processes related to data and reporting and delivers recommendations on developing a data strategy for your organization. Goals include defining important metrics for internal/external stakeholders and how to report these metrics to inform decision-making.   



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Looking for a custom project? We've got you covered.

The Starter Kit projects are a great place to begin, but your organization might be on the hunt for a custom project to address a super specific issue. Or maybe you're just not sure and want to talk it through. Submit a consultation request and the GeekCause team at Hands On Nashville will be happy to help!

Request a GeekCause consultation


In their own words: "We are very happy with our experience and plan to use GeekCause again." Tucker's House

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Special thanks to our generous GeekCause sponsors

Special thanks to our GeekCause sponsors: Atiba and The Frist Foundation



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