Hands On Nashville

Hands On Nashville does not discriminate based on age, gender, skin color, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability or other factors which deny the essential humanity of all people.

HON AmeriCorps Program 2020-21 Positions

Community Resource CenterEmergency Response Coordinator Learn more  |  Apply

Cumberland River Compact: Clean Streams Coordinator - POSITION FILLED

Cumberland River Compact: Environmental Education Coordinator - POSITION FILLED

Cumberland River Compact: Urban Forestry Coordinator (2) - POSITIONS FILLED

Cumberland River Compact: Community Outreach and Engagement Coordinator - POSITION FILLED

Hands On Nashville: Volunteer Project Leader, AmeriCorps (2) Learn more  |  Apply

Hands On Nashville: Community Partner Engagement Leader Learn more  |  Apply

Hands On Nashville: Digital Strategy Leader POSITION FILLED

Hands On Nashville: Disaster Response Leader Learn more  |  Apply

Harpeth Conservancy: Volunteer Restoration and Citizen Science Project Coordinator POSITION FILLED

Harpeth Conservancy: Environmental Outreach and Communication Coordinator POSITION FILLED

Nashville Diaper Connection: Volunteer and Partner Engagement Leader Learn more  I  Apply

Nashville Food ProjectGarden Programs Coordinator Learn more  |  Apply

Nashville Tree Foundation: Urban Tree Educational Outreach Coordinator Learn more  |  Apply

Nashville Tree Foundation: Community Trees Outreach Coordinator - POSITION FILLED

Shower The People: Homeless Community Shower Bus Coordinator Learn more  I  Apply

The Family Center: First3! Parent Seminar Coordinator POSITION FILLED

The Pencil Foundation: LP PENCIL Box Mobile Distribution and Volunteer Leader Learn more  I  Apply

Turnip Green Creative ReuseCreative Sustainability Volunteer Engagement Leader Learn more  |  Apply

Turnip Green Creative Reuse: Community Education Coordinator Learn more  |  Apply

Workers' Dignity - Dignidad Obrera: Economic and Racial Justice Community Coordinator Learn more  I  Apply