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Have a question about our services? Here are a few commonly asked questions to point you in the right direction: 

  • Have a question about court-ordered service? Visit our Court Ordered Service page, or call Cesar at 615-298-1108 ext. 4030.  
  • Have a question about donating physical items to a local nonprofit? Visit our wish list page.
  • Have a question about joining Hands On Nashville’s Nonprofit Partner Program? Visit our community partner page, or call Drew at 615-298-1108 ext. 4220. 
  • Have a question about Corporate Volunteerism? Visit our employee volunteerism page, or call John at 615-298-1108 ext. 4140. 

For general questions about volunteerism, you can visit our volunteer homepage, or call us at 615-298-1108 and a member of our team will return your call as soon as possible. 

For media inquiries, please reach out to Savanna Maue at 615-298-1108 ext. 4160, or email 

Meet the team

The Hands On Nashville office phone number is 615-298-1108. You'll find the extensions for our team members below. Feel free to leave a voicemail, and we'll return your call as soon as we can. 

The HON Team

  • Lori Shinton, Chief Volunteerism Officer
    Ext. 4130,
  • Alexandra Dorman, Sr. Director of Community Partnerships
  • Ext. 4200,
  • Jann Seymour, Sr. Director of Volunteer Engagement
  • Ext. 4090,
  • Jackie Cossey, Director of Finance 
  • Ext. 4000,

    Mary Martin, Associate Director of Corporate Engagement
    Ext. 4050,
  • Paulina Robles, Associate Director of Volunteer Projects
  • Ext. 4270,
  • Colin Buesser, Volunteer Project Materials Coordinator
    Ext. 4180,
  • Jesus Fernandez Cabrera, Volunteer Engagement Coordinator
  • Ext. 4230,
  • Megan Foust, Volunteer Projects Manager
  • Ext. 4080,
  • Drew HimsworthSr. Manager of Nonprofit Engagement
  • Ext. 4220,
  • Cicely IngeVolunteer Projects Manager
  • Ext. 4100,
  • John Marcellus, Corporate Engagement Manager
    Ext. 4140,
  • Savanna Maue, Sr. Marketing Manager, Creative Services
  • Ext. 4160,
  • Cesar Orta-Tavera, Media Coordinator
  • Ext. 4030,
  • Nelly Pérez Meléndez, Disaster Program Manager
  • Ext. 4010,
  • Caitlin Rice, Database Manager
  • Ext. 4040,

  • Megan Spencer, AmeriCorps Program Manager
  • Ext. 4070,
  • Taylor Wilder, Skilled Volunteer Programs Manager
  • Ext. 4060,

  • AmeriCorps Members
    Kara Simmons, Community Engagement and Volunteer Leader
  • Lipika Narisetti, Community Engagement and Volunteer Leader

    Zeynab Fall, Community Engagement and Volunteer Leader



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