Hands On Nashville's Community Partners include nonprofits, schools, government agencies, and other civic organizations working to help people and places in need of support.  We provide them the tools to recruit and manage volunteers, and the training to help reimagine volunteer potential.

HON offers two primary ways to engage:

- HON's Community Partner Program: CPP builds capacity for its 170+ members through technology, training, and increased visibility to their service opportunities and missions. 

- Volunteer Project Posting: Utilize our one-time/limited time self-serve posting option for agencies with minimal or intermittent volunteer needs. 

HON's Community Partner Program 


  • Technology: Post, manage, and track volunteer opportunities via an online calendar at HON.org, which is accessed by nearly 11,000 unique visitors per month.
  • Training: Volunteer program troubleshooting, brainstorming, technical support, and community partner consulting sessions led by HON's volunteer management experts.
  • Increased visibility: Highlights volunteer events, in-kind donation requests, and court-ordered referral needs to 160,000+ ‘friends’ and followers via HON's website, social media, and newsletter.

Partner qualifications:

  • Designation by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit or faith-based organization with a profile on GivingMatters.com; OR
  • Status as a school, government agency, hospital, hospice or senior living facility; AND
  • Liability insurance that includes coverage for volunteers.

Membership is based on your annual operating budget and ranges from $200 to $600 each year. 

Contact Hands On Nashville to learn more about becoming a partner.

Quick links

Nonprofit and volunteer management resourcesFrom volunteer management certification programs to community partner consulting and resources for volunteer administrators, Hands On Nashville and our partners connect nonprofits and volunteer managers with the tools to enhance volunteer programs and increase community impact.

GeekCauseGeekCause matches Nashville’s most talented techies with community partners in need of their services. From project consultation to solution implementation, GeekCause provides a low-cost platform for agencies to solve tech-based challenges through the support of skilled volunteers. Click the GeekCause link to learn how to submit a project or to sign up as a GeekCause volunteer.