Organization Profile

Tennessee Wildlife Federation

Tennessee Wildlife Federation is one of the largest and oldest organizations in Tennessee dedicated to the conservation of the state’s wildlife and natural resources through stewardship, youth engagement, and public policy. We bring together and represent the varied interests of people who enjoy the great outdoors. We are a 501-(c)(3) non-profit with a board of directors and a full-time staff headquartered in Nashville. Here are some quick facts about Tennessee Wildlife Federation: Tennessee Wildlife Federation was founded as the Tennessee Conservation League by outdoor writers and community leaders in 1946. Tennessee Wildlife Federation brings together and represents the various interests of sportsmen, outdoor enthusiasts, and affiliate organizations committed to conserving our state’s wildlife and natural resources. Tennessee Wildlife Federation’s donors, supporters, and volunteers comprise a diverse group of individuals — hunters, anglers, bird watchers, hikers, gardeners, and people who just enjoy the great outdoors. The groups are united by a common cause: concern and compassion for wildlife and Tennessee’s natural resources. Tennessee Wildlife Federation monitors and recommends wildlife, water, and land policies; aligns the interests of various groups including supporters, businesses, organizations, and legislators; and mobilizes public response and support on issues and policies affecting Tennessee’s wildlife and habitat. We serve as the voice of reason and a statewide advocate for the conservation, sound management, and sustainable use of Tennessee’s wildlife and natural resources.

Nashville, TN, 37209