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Healing Arts Project, Inc.

The Healing Arts Project, Inc. (HAPI) connects artists in mental health and addiction recovery and communities to promote understanding, acceptance and success. HAPI is a nonprofit organization that sponsors activities to raise public awareness about recovery from mental illness and addictions and to reduce stigma against those living with these disorders. Each year, over 200 Middle Tennessee artists in mental health recovery participate in the Healing Arts Project. Through broad-based grant support and working with partner organizations, the Project provides art supplies and classes to participants and presents memorable art exhibits featuring original artwork in a variety of mediums and styles along with the artists’ statements about the benefits of creating art in their lives. The opportunity to express their creativity through the arts and to show their work in public increases self-esteem and self-confidence of the artists. They are seen as persons with abilities and talent, not with disabilities. Special events such as Art for Awareness with the Tennessee General Assembly further serve to heighten awareness with both the general public and elected officials of the vital need for continued mental health and addiction recovery services including artistic expression. HAPI welcomes volunteers to assist with art classes, exhibits and support of the artists, project marketing and promotion, and donations of yarn and art materials.

Mental Health & Crisis Services
Low-income Households, People with Health Concerns & Disabilities
Nashville, TN, 37214

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