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Thank you for your interest in being a Hands On Nashville AmeriCorps Program host site. We have a few spots remaining for members who would start service in November or January.

Our AmeriCorps program helps Nashville-area nonprofit organizations build their capacity to meet critical community needs through outreach and volunteer engagement, while also developing a new generation of nonprofit professionals.

AmeriCorps members serve about 20 hours a week and complete a total of 900 hours as Community Engagement and Volunteer Leaders. Review the Member Position Description here to make sure a member is a good fit for your programs, then complete the application below.

Nashville is powered by people of all ages, races, ethnicities, skin tones, sexes, genders, sexualities, religions, abilities, and socioeconomic statuses engaging in service together. HON does not discriminate based on these characteristics or any factor that denies the essential humanity of all people. We seek host site partners that share these values and provide a supportive service environment to AmeriCorps members of all backgrounds and identities.

Please Note: The online application does not include a "Save" function. To avoid losing your work, you can use this document to create a draft of your application. (Please download your own copy before editing the document.) Once completed, paste your answers to the online application.


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AmeriCorps Host Site Application

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Primary Information

location of AmeriCorps member workspace

a. Members will serve in part-time positions; approximately 20 hours per week.

b. Members will serve 900 total hours.

AmeriCorps Program Requirements

Please review the requirements below and check the associated boxes to indicate that you understand and agree to these requirements. Additional training with be provided on these topics.

a. Members can only perform capacity-building activities that engage volunteers, supporters, or clients for the organization’s programs.

b. AmeriCorps members should expand the scale, reach, efficiency, or effectiveness of programs. Member activities should (1) support or enhance the program delivery model, (2) respond to the organization’s goal of increasing, expanding, or enhancing services in order to address pressing community needs, and (3) enable the organization to provide a sustained level of more or better direct services after the national service participant’s term of service has ended.

c. Host sites are required to complete an evaluation survey before and after the service term to measure capacity-building growth. The survey takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. If multiple members serve in different roles, evaluations should be completed for each member.

d. A portion of members’ hours will be dedicated to learning about volunteer management and community engagement, as well as AmeriCorps cohort activities. AmeriCorps activities will take precedence over host site activities scheduled at the same time.


a. Members cannot participate in fundraising unless proceeds are restricted to volunteer and community outreach programs or the specific agency program that a member’s activities support.

b. Members may not fundraise for the overall mission or operating costs of the organization, including support for fundraising events, mailings, merchandise sales, the Big Payback, etc.

c. AmeriCorps members may spend no more than 10% of their service performing fundraising activities.

d. Unallowable fundraising will result in member hours being disallowed.

a. Host site supervisors and members must take part in Prohibited Activities training.

b. Host sites and supervisors will ensure that members do not engage in Prohibited Activities, including:

i. Public policy advocacy, political activity, protests, petitions, voter registration, or census support.

ii. Religious activities, proselytization, and creation or maintenance of facilities used primarily for religious purposes.

iii. Organized labor support or deterrence.

iv. Providing support for or access to abortion services.

c. Prohibited activities will result in member hours being disallowed.

a. Host sites must provide adequate supervision and active mentorship to members. Good communication and expectation setting increases member effectiveness and provides a positive member experience.

b. Service mentors must provide direct guidance and supervision to each AmeriCorps member at least 3-5 hours a week. A staff member must be available to answer member questions and provide support throughout their service.

c. Service mentors must approve member timesheets on a bi-weekly basis.

d. Service mentors must participate in trainings, submit regular reports, coordinate site visits, and attend quarterly supervisor meetings.

e. Service mentors must respond to communications and requests from HON’s AmeriCorps Program team in a timely manner.

f. Host Sites must act in accordance with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Americans with Disabilities Act, Fair Labor Standards Act, Civil Rights Act and State of Tennessee laws, policies, and regulations.

g. Host sites must also comply with AmeriCorps Terms and Conditions and Hands On Nashville AmeriCorps Program policies.

Member Requests

Use this section to describe why your organization would benefit from an AmeriCorps member serving there. Provide an overview of project-based service activities that AmeriCorps member(s) would engage in during their service term.

Service Mentor Qualifications

Service Mentors have different responsibilities than a supervisor. AmeriCorps members are college students gaining experience and professional development in a supportive environment. This may be their first experience in a professional setting. Service mentors are expected to provide one-on-one support, professional development, and guidance.

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